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Fire! - 87%

TheMoose, February 2nd, 2010

Waaaaaarrrrrrr! The opening scream of “beast of prey” pretty much sums up this entire piece of blackened blast fuelled genius what more could anyone ask for in a concept album about war an unrelenting blizzard of blast beats and bullets.

This really is one unrelenting album opening with a sample of gun fire and explosions followed by a full speed tremolo picked blast fest that doesn’t pause for breath for the entire 30 minutes. What we have here musically is your standard basic tremolo picked black metal but with the intensity turned up by a fair few notches. The guitars are pretty much tremolo picked riffs for the entire duration but with a strangely catchy feel, I know this may sound odd but i’ve found myself humming some of these riffs to myself at work. The drums blast, blast and then they blast some more and there really is nothing else drum wise happening on this record its so one dimensional it hurts… And on any other album it would feel boring and repetitive but for some reason here it doesn’t. The bass is as with a lot of black metal there but just barely. Then there’s the vocals. I’d say the only thing letting this album down are the vocals in my opinion. Their not terrible or even bad they just don’t stand out as anything amazing. In an album so unrelenting and furious they just don’t seem to carry the intensity of what is going on.

The production is nice and clear the drums are very up front but not so much that they take anything away from the guitars, vocals etc. The drums keep the intensity up to a maximum at all times with the only breaks coming in the form of more samples of explosions and gunfire. Every instrument is clear and audible and has its own place in the mix which is why this album feels like a shotgun blast in the face.

Musically speaking I think a lot of people will find this album very one dimensional in its musical approach, but there’s something there amongst the constant blast beats and blasphemies that still grabs you and pins you down. Its raw its painful and its ugly and yet you still feel compelled to play it again and again and again. All things said and done this album still slays at rapes christ a new arsehole in the process. I think if the album was any longer it would probably begin to feel monotonous but it doesn’t, it’s explosive power is harnessed perfectly over it’s 30 minutes like a cluster bomb to the senses. This is an album that should not be enjoyed as individual songs but endured for the 30 minute duration like you’re scrambling for cover in a fire fight.