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Well... - 58%

Snxke, December 1st, 2004

Marduk cobble up an interesting effort here. It's not really good, nor is it really bad. "Pointless" may be a word that best describes this over-the-top blast-a-thon that grinds like nobodies business but really doesn't go anywhere special. The production brings out enough life to the proceedings for things not to sound entirely dead in the mix. The band doesn't miss a shot despite playing at 1,000 miles per hour and the overall feeling is one of hatred and war. Marduk mark a certain extreme here, while avoiding doing anything useful with that extreme musically.

The few redeeming riffs/breakdowns shown in songs like "Fistfucking God's Planet" (classic title if there ever was one) lift the overall concept of the record and show that even Marduk are capable of delivering a nasty segment of black metal. Sadly, the rest is a morass of speed without finesse or direction and the message of "fucking God" becomes secondary to confusion over the pointless bashing that doesn't live up to the rather imposing album cover nor to the rather provocative songtitles.

Marduk are the second tier band tha never managed to be more than a cult sensation within a cult. They may be truly violent and might have been exciting live but these records were not made of the same material that made bands from other legions twice as powerful. They have the vibe and the image but Marduk simply can't find the ways to make their brutality serve a higher purpose.

If you need something so fast and extreme on every second, this is the record for you...if you're looking for something with more bite than might want to look elsewhere.