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This is war on speed! - 81%

PazuzuZlave, November 21st, 2004

Destruction and speed is all what Panzer Division Marduk is about. This, apparently, is their way to get out their daily frustration, as this album is unbelievably aggressive.
From the start to the end, this is a motherfucker of an album. Fredrik, the drummer, puts in a very convincing effort, with blastbeats mostly filling the album up. I wouldn’t know if this is seriously difficult to play, as I am not familiar with the drums, but it sounds kind of hard… This is pure black metal to the heart and soul.Every single track has the same fast tempo although there are some slow parts (which last around 10 seconds). They use pretty simple riffs in the vein of their back-catalogue, and I wish the bass would be a little bit higher, but you cannot oversee this kind of album because of these flaws. The riffs, simple as they may be, are still pretty good, and the bass (what you can hear of it) is also very fast. The vocals would surely be better if Joakim still would have been the singer, but Legion sure knows how to scream too. I just think he uses the wrong kind of pitch on his growls, and he surely never changes his vocals.

This is a one-of-a-kind release, and it came in form of a raging blizzard. You should check it out if you’re into high-speed black metal, or if you don’t, just hear this for fun!

Fave tracks: Panzer Division Marduk, Christraping Black Metal, Fistfucking God’s Planet