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The Marduk's Concept about War. - 89%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, May 25th, 2008

This is a difficult review, maybe the most difficult I’ve ever done because it concerns a quite discussed album. Panzer Division Marduk has always been a controversial effort; someone says this is utterly boring and monotonous, others that is a huge piece of devastating black metal. My position is more or less in the middle. Now, you can accuse me to be slothful because I’m not able to take a decision or a position, but it’s not like that because I try to analyze this album in each single aspect, also referring to the real content and my tastes.

Subjectively, I like this album a lot during most of the songs but on the other hand I must say that it’s utterly monotonous in the way it is played. Let me say that, anyways, it’s not boring to me because it has the right length for such a violent and fast album. It is simply “played the same way from the beginning to the end” and now, a question comes to my mind: “What the fuck did you expect from a concept album about war? A Beatles album?”. “Of course no, but not that violent and monotonous…” some of you can answer. I’d agree with them and me too.

The Marduk’s concept about war features a never ending series of blast beats and completely restless guitars. It’s even difficult to imagine such a violent war! But this band, with this album, put out one of the most fitting musical portraits ever about the disasters and explosions in a conflict. It has all the flaws you want but it’s a perfect way of putting war in music, at least the most violent parts of a conflict; the ones in which you have no time to relax and all the weapons around you are burning hot for the continue fire power.

There are even some intros to the songs to rebuild that atmosphere of total annihilation. The band itself, is fucking compact and devastating through the powerful blast beats of a great Andersson. His style on this album has been reduced to the bone, because it is simply blast beats brutality, alternated to hyper fast drums rolls between the other hyper fast beats on the snare. Morgan delivers incredibly fast open chords riffs (no palm muting here, as in every Dark Funeral album too); they are vicious and, with this production, everything sounds even nuclear in power and intensity.

I believe that the most amazing tracks are concentrated at the beginning with the trio “Panzer Division Marduk”, “Baptism By Fire” and “Christraping Black Metal”: these songs are destructive and truly intense. Here the group is always able to make good, “catchy” (as long as it concerns black metal…) parts. The following ones are not bad because, for example, the riffage of “Scorched Earth” is truly black metal for malevolence. Legion does a great job here, because it was so difficult to follow with the shrieks this incredibly fast music.

“Blooddawn” is not great but enjoyable, as the following “502” (this song contains the only mid paced part we can find in this album that, obviously, it’s just for few seconds). The closing song for this album is the very good “Fistfuking God’s Planet”, where the band returns a bit to inspiration. Well, at the end I’m completely devastated with a big headache, but happy for this panzer in form of music. Now, it depends on the tastes but I like it. It has some weak points and two not great songs but the rest is enjoyable. I believe that the mark is a way between the personal taste and the objective analysis of this music. It’s brutal, compact and vicious but also monotonous and “not easy to be listened”.