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Take that, bitch - 70%

PazuzuZlave, October 31st, 2007

Gotta love album covers. Very rarely does the cover art go hand in hand with the content of the music, but this is an exception. If you’ve heard Marduk, you should know that an S&M-themed release means even more intensity and shock value than before. And right you are.

Maybe some people think the title track was the wrong move for Marduk, since they had released one of the fastest albums ever just one year prior to this. “Obedience”, the song, namely follows that structure. Albeit having a mid-tempo chorus, it leaves one with the impression that Marduk doesn’t want to slow down at all. Among the few but stellar riffs, the blistering drumbeats and the commanding vocals lay some great arrangements which in my opinion should have laid the groundwork for upcoming albums by these Swedes. This is their territory, and they know it like the back of their hand. If only everything had worked out like this.

Track number 2: "Funeral Bitch" is the exact opposite of "Obedience". Being very slow in tempo, the mechanical composition quickly turns this song into an excuse for proving they can write slow music. The riffs are lacking complexity on every level, the drumming is so downright “usual” it hurts, and who the hell cares about the vocals which try to trick you into believing you can sing along to this music. Apparently, they completely forgot all about the mosh-factor when they wrote this.

The last track, "Into the Crypt of Rays", is a Celtic Frost cover. It barely offers anything new, but of course they have somewhat Marduk-ized it, and let’s not forget that this is a classic. What else can be said? Great song covered by a band who know exactly what they’re doing = Enjoyable experience.

Obedience also comes in another version with a few live tracks, which can be found on many other Marduk releases, but this version supposedly comes with different cover art, so I’d definitely skip that one. If you like compositions like the ones described in this review, I can certainly recommend this to you. To the rest, check out their demos before anything else to get the proper picture of Marduk.