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Fucking Stupid - 21%

GuntherTheUndying, July 28th, 2008

What happens when Marduk ejaculates on sadomasochistic themes instead of pointless violence? Well, after nine months, Sweden’s mentally-challenged trolls anxiously await the birth of their special blessing, and during several hours of pushing and encouragement, “Obedience” arrives as a stable EP. However, Marduk receives some devastating news just moments later: “Obedience” is severely retarded. Stricken with lackluster genetics and many bad ideas, the degrading offspring soon enters the world of black metal, only to find itself butchered by Marduk’s one-staged ideology. I hate shitty music, and hearing this stupid EP tempts me to force freshly-brewed coffee up my colon instead of continuing the torment. It’s a gamble both you and I will enjoy taking; at least it’ll entertain, unlike these brainless recordings.

Basically, there are two originals alongside some covers, which all glory what Marduk has depended on since they lost their atmospheric edge: incoherent shrieks, constant blasting, and tremolo picking you could find anywhere else. The title track and “Funeral Bitch” are essentially slabs of those listed factors, as both exhibits easily follow the shit that plagued several full-lengths under Marduk’s moniker; boring and predictable, you’ll see them as an extra set of heads in a cloning facility. It’s quite humorous, because the soloing during each track isn’t horrible at all, yet everything else looks painfully molested beyond measure. Silly Marduk! Case in point, they proudly demonstrate why they’ve become a joke rather than an actual faction throughout these two fuck-ups, marking another low in their pathetic journey. So what’s the significance of doing this release? It has sadomasochistic lyrical topics....big fucking deal.

Next up, a few classics are given a bruised makeover. Most noticeably, Celtic Frost’s “Into the Crypts of Rays” is strapped in leather, awaiting some bloody justice while others look on in lustful delight. Yet this seems to be a place where hopeful expectations die, and Marduk continues ruining everything they touch with that detectable formula of theirs. Legion’s vocals appear poorly performed, which appropriately matches the lame riffs that have no sense of originality or comprehension; like a poor cover, nothing comes out of the result. As bad as it sounds, Marduk should have opted towards abortion once this feeble atrocity was conceived. If you disagree, ask yourself one question: what has been accomplished? Yep, that’s precisely my point.

Honestly, I’d be completely thrilled if some otherworldly force would magically erase my mind of the half-assed plods that determent goodness like it was a goddamn virus. I think “Obedience” enjoyably captures how quickly the bowels of Marduk can poison black metal while bringing shame upon great songs these idiots should have never touched; they’ve proven themselves to be utter clowns again and again, with this EP pushing the hypothesis even further. It’s a poor release, which I know is a HUGE shock, but sometimes obeying to truth is the smartest option. Ignore this bullshit, even if talentless black metal lures your sexual arousal.

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