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Interesting. Not great, but interesting - 75%

foshuggah, March 13th, 2003

First off, I am not used to all these BM bands. I still can't understand fully the "norsecore" tag and I am more of an "old school" guy (Soulside Journey is DT's best. Period).

But this album changed my point of view on these type of bands. Marduk plays fast. That's the constant here. But they have some great ideas and variations that they should be doing in greater numbers. Doing so could bring some less speed-oriented playing and add another dimension to the music.

One of the aspects that brought my attention was the guitars. There are no "scary" melodies (aka minor or minor/harmonic scales). And since I have heard countless bands using this melodic stuff, listening to Marduk was almost refreshing. Most of the guitar/bass parts are solid.

The vocals are not exactly your usual bm shriek. Not annoying, but very, very close.

Great live band I must say. Well, at least I was amazed at how tight and precise the band is, even when playing at full speed. Overall, a good live album, with a pretty clean, but heavy production. Minus points for not listing the albums where each song came in and for cutting off the audience. It's a live album, godammit!