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Infernal Filth, Eternal Scum - 13%

GuntherTheUndying, September 7th, 2008

The only reason I’m reviewing this happens to be my safety. You see, the tyrannical powers of my editors put a metaphorical gun to my head and demanded more shit on Marduk, so here you go!

Anyway, here we have another live recording of these black metal goons continuing a saga so bad, it could make zombies wish they were still buried. “We don’t need flesh! We’re just trying to get away from this shit,” they’ll cry in suffering unison. The release is dubbed “Infernal Eternal,” a two-CD set featuring Marduk doing their thing throughout touring for “Panzer Division Marduk,” which easily explains why many numbers from that source appear cited in scattered form. Whether it been some massive show or just prime cuts, the stench of foulness reeks unmercifully upon materialized filth claiming invisible wealth, but what were you expecting? Something not covered in feces? Get out of here!

Nothing hurts me more than depicting arguments given endless cycling, yet it has to be said once again: there is not an ounce of comprehension here. Blasting and wild guitar modules layered upon more blasting and wild guitar modules is all we receive, laced with Legion’s spitting for an experience sucking your cerebral cortex into mush. The band’s first live album (“Live in Germania”) was scorn force-fed unto its victims, but “Infernal Eternal” is downgrading that vision even further; clearly, their lackluster presence has underdeveloped since years past, leaving Marduk blander than vanilla, not that vanilla is bad, but this is, I’m afraid. Essentially, it’s like some black metal squad given a lobotomy and recording random bashes during an embarrassment of eclipsing ages. Nothing would thrill me more than to witness eggs and beers clocking each member until they fall into tears; that would be a thing of beauty. Fatality! I win.

In continuation of this suffering atrocity, Marduk gives us two CDs featuring eighteen anthems we all hate hearing, only cooked with more blockheadedness than before. Not only is the release horribly produced and a wall of sound, solos have been removed (excluding the Celtic Frost cover) from decent anthems like “On Darkened Wings” whilst maintaining rhythm sections for the soloing lengths; basically more blistering cacophony stripped even further. Better yet, Legion occasionally attempts making the crowd chant at awkward moments. I can just picture some idiot covered in armor trying to get everyone pumped, but monotone noise probably chilled that plan he so desperately thought would impress, instead making that mongoloid stupider than a horse’s ass. And people wonder why Marduk is the epitome of poorness in black metal. Give me a damn break!

Live albums are either jackpot or bankruptcy, but this piece of crap hits the lowest of lows any offering of such criteria could possibly endure. Marduk is not only exercising a performance so dull it could burn your chromosomes, but they picked awful tunes for representation and ruined their rare cuts that aren’t total filler; add shitty production, and welcome to this nightmare. I’d like to mention a few things I enjoyed, but they do stupid stuff like omitting solos and remain monotone for nearly ninety minutes without saying, “Doesn’t it look a bit retarded?” What fucking idiots. Anyway, “Infernal Eternal” is cooped poop that I suggest avoiding entirely, even if you find this shit acceptable.

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