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Eternally infernal - 85%

Filth, August 25th, 2004

MARDUK, when one says this name, every real black metal fan shivers. Authors of the of the most powerful back metal songs thoughout legendary albums like Nightwing and Panzer Division Marduk, the Beast celebrates its 10th birthday, a magnificent present for the fans, a double live album! The set list is awsome, it perferctly resumes this black metal monument which is Marduk, with their greatest songs, it lasts quite long (1 hour 20)... actually it lasts really long, i don't know if my ears would have survived had I been there! The sound is great, the guitar riffs harass your ears with incredible velocity, very effective ;) .
The drumming stays in rythm (which means nice and fast), it just never stops. And Legion's singing is actually screeching like hell, he just throws up his words into your face.
Globally this is a very powerful live which demonstrates Marduk's career 'beautifully' (if i may say so), good sound, maybe too good, it almosts looks studio recorded. Anyway, Marduk stays Marduk, which means awsome.
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