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Death to Peace!!! - 95%

clemenke, July 18th, 2007

This album seems to be a huge turning point for Marduk. Although I enjoyed the past releases, namely Opus Nocturne, this seemed to be a huge step forward.

Obviously the biggest difference is the new vocals being handled by Legion of Ophthalamia fame (And he is much better suited with the speed of Marduk behind him than the slower melodic driven Ophthalamia). Legion is in my opinion one of the best black metal vocalists I have heard, his style just seems natural. He hits that sweet spot between abrasive and annoying and just spews forth a pitch that is just diabolical. Form the onset of "Beyond the Grace of God" to his final screams in "Legion" where they layer a lower pitch growl for the repetition of "Death to Peace!"

Outside of Legions vocals, everything seems tighter and better produced. The drums are sharp and on target in a way that adds blistering speed without muffling the rest of the noise. The guitars hit similar praise, picking up the pace to near hyper speed but still driving underlying melodies which are very evident in songs like "the Black Tormentor of Satan". The track "Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania" is quite a unique blessing. Besides the lyrical composition depicting the life of Vlad Tepes (aka dracula), it is a slowed down track that really highlights the lyrical talent of Legion. Similar to the song "Dreams of Blood and Iron" on the follow up album "Nightwing" this track truly shows a heavy and brutal aspect to the usually evil speed Marduk is accustomed to playing.

This is a very solid effort for fans of Swedish Black Metal that belongs in the same category as previous Dissection and Dawn opuses.