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Marduk's best moment. - 98%

LordBelketraya, May 31st, 2007

I'm a big fan of Marduk. I got into them around 1998 circa Nightwing. Listening to the band's material up to now it's easy to see the progression from pure black metal in the 90's to blackened speed metal today. Legion made his debut on this album and was incredible, his raspy demonic voice fit the band perfectly, it just blended perfectly with Morgan's shrill guitar sound. To this day I don't think Marduk can make an album as "black" or "necro" as this one ever again. 'Nightwing' was the closest to it since. But from 'Panzer Division Marduk' onwards they have changed to a harder, faster, intense band, dropping the necro sound of moments like this.

Most of the best riffs are here in this album, Beyond The Grace Of God, Infernal Eternal, Glorification Of The Black God, Legion, etc. are all winners. Songs that stand the test of time. The production is clear but not overdone. The band sound tight with excellent drumming from Fredrik, great bass playing from B.War and the legendary Morgan shredding away on guitar. This was the quintessential Marduk lineup. Even though Emil in my opinion is a better drummer. Unfortunately these guys don't get the recognition that Mayhem or Darkthrone gets and that's unfair because their best material is up to par with their's easily.

No matter how hard or fast they sound now they can't match the "blackness" of this album and the atmosphere it creates listening to it. I can't recommended this album enough. If you're getting into Marduk this HAS to be the first release you must get from them. After this I would go to Opus Nocturne.