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A heavier follow-up to start a new era - 91%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 13th, 2008

With this album, Marduk officially started the “long way to blast beat”. A period in which the speed has increased and the production is more powerful and brutal. Anyway this album is not like “Panzer Division Marduk” (that I like), but more evil the guitars riffs and with great inspiration. “Opus Nocturne” had great songs but the production pointed more on the pure sense of darkness and the atmosphere was far more ritualistic.

The great “Beyond the Grace Of God” is remarkable for the furious blast beats, the stop and go and the evil, quite mid-paced riffs in the middle. The first perfect example of how doing a great evil work with truly black attitude. “Infernal Eternal” is a classic among all the Marduk tracks…this is called “a track they would have never matched in the future”. The main riff is something evil, epic and totally black. Awesome.

Andersson and Legion are unmatchable and really the true Marduk spirit and their work is absolutely spectacular with never so evil shrieks and never ending furious blast beats. Check out the riffs on “Glorification of The Black God”…I believe that really few black metal bands did even a similar think. Pure vehemence and evilness. This is the true Marduk essence.

The screamed refrain on “Darkness It Shall Be” is spectacular while the track is on continue blast beats…inhuman!!! Follow the more melodic in the riffs the good “The Black Tormentor Of Satan” (great riff by the end); the slow, doomy “Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Tranylvania” and the last, vicious blast beats attack by the great “Legion”.

This is the second best Marduk's work even if it was already quite different from the previous efforts and it pointed more on the sheer assault of the instruments. All the members were, anyway, quite angry and surely this album carries on the best period for Marduk.