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Evil, and quite good - 80%

peer, January 21st, 2005

Morgan HÃ¥kansson had a dream: To form the heaviest and most blasphemous band ever. Thereupon he founded Marduk. This is one of their first demos, and it is certainly a big step towards that purpose. Heavy? Quite. Blasphemous? Hell yes.
The title of this demo (Actually, The re-released version has three bonus tracks, so worthy of being called an EP) isn't very Catholic, nor is the Album cover. This is what Marduk is all about, trying to shock people and be as bible bashing and as evil as they can be.
Quite fittingly, the EP starts with a notorious fragment from the film 'The Exorcist'. We all know this part, it's when the girl plies the Holy Cross quite creatively, yet indecently. Screaming "Lick me, Lick me !" and "Let Jesus Fuck you" combined with frightened screams and the sound of breaking objects, this is quite the intro.
One might expect that this CD would be sheer brutality and speed in a very monotonous way. But no, this CD contains more than that. While it can be quite fast and heavy, there are a lot of tempo changes. It can slow down to Doom Metal pace and then break out into blast beats again. The first real song 'Departure from the Mortals' even has a haunting keyboard intermezzo. The sound of the guitars is really sharp and fuzzy. The bass is quite prominent, which leads to a low, dark overall sound. The actual demo surprisingly ends with an epic keyboard/strings piece. The bonus tracks on the re-released EP are a welcome addition to the demo. You can really hear that they are playing in a different style, more Black Metal sounding, faster, high pitched. Still good though.
The last two songs are Bathory covers and they're both very enjoyable. Fast and Raw.

In conclusion : This CD is one evil piece of Metal, songs about Satan, trying to create an evil atmosphere and shocking the less evil amongst us. While doing so, they actually bring out some good songs and an enjoyable EP. Recommended to Marduk Fans and Black Metal Fans. (Or Horror Film Fans who want to shock their parents )