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Solid but short - 88%

natrix, April 12th, 2007

For the three songs on here (I'm not reviewing the bonus tracks), this is a pretty solid piece of work. Sadly, it's too short, and with the keyboard outro just being "Opus Nocturne" played on keys, and an intro lifted from The Exorcist, you are only left with three songs from Marduk's debut album. And what's more, this is not the Marduk that put out Those of the Unlight, what I feel is their best work. But is it bad? Fuck no!

For the most part, this is grim death metal. The guitars are downtuned, and with that Swedish fuzz so typical of other bands of the same era, you definately know where and when this was created. Amazingly, the songs have quite a lot of real heaviness, and Marduk changes tempos quite often. The doomy parts on "Departure from the Mortals" and "Within the Abyss" are utterly evil sounding. The drumming has rather sharp quality to it, making it powerful and mean sounding.

Andreas Axelsson is the vocalist on here, and he does an excellent job, I feel. His vocals are the typcial black metal screech, but a little more juicy and bloody. This further enhances the evil atmosphere of the album.

Overall, this is not necessary, but highly enjoyable. Stylistically, quite similar to Darkthrone's Soulside Journey.