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This is it eh? - 40%

Shadow0fDeath, August 21st, 2004

Marduk are the basic definition of sub par in the black metal genre. While the vocals stand powerful and decent the rest of the album is very lacking in all aspects: Atmosphere, Harshness, and all that makes black metal what it is. It's basically a blur from start to end with only changes in tempo. Randomly Marduk seems to enjoy going fast then slowing down to a doom metal speed, picking it back up, and dropping yet again.

This performance is very dull and lacking in every aspect of the black metal catalogue. Other than the vocals i found nothing interesting or enjoyable about the demo. Just a bunch of lame riffs, decent vocals, decent drumming, and the lack of atmosphere or anything that makes black metal interesting. After hearing later marduk releases are even worse i'd suggest not bothering with this album much less the band.