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Marduk - Fuck Me Jesus - 80%

Satanic_Warmonger, November 18th, 2004

This is my first encounter with Marduk, it has become an instant favorite. Despite what others say about this amazing band, i feel that this is a really good demo, much better than the later works that Marduk has performed and written. Most people say that all Marduk is just plain out boring, overly fast the entire time, and poor drumming, is this true for Fuck Me Jesus? Definitely not true, Marduk uses climaxes in their music, the song begins with a slow pace, quickly builds up, everything is non peaceful... Then... It is back down to its normal, slow, pace. Pure climaxe in the music of Marduk. Surprisingly this doesnt get old, you would think that it would, each song starting off less fast and at the end attaining the highest speed on the track, but it does not. Now more on the album, starts off with a rather hilarious sound clip from a movie, i would like to find out what movie this is because its damn funny, some guy yelling about fucking and Jesus etc while some girl cries. Most interesting soundclip! After this track we come to the more brutal/epic noises of Marduk. Rest of this album, Fuck Me Jesus, is just amazing, this is the stuff black metal should be! The drumming kicks arsch, never a dull moment. And the guitars, interesting riffs, very original. As for the singing, also very interesting but still the common black metal vocals as usual, but, as i said interesting and quite good for a Swedish Black Metal group. After the normal tracks we come to a cover song of Bathorys, In Conspiracy With Satan. No Marduk doesnt top it, Bathorys version will always be much better than this cover, but still a good song to cover and i dont know of any other band who can outdo Marduk's cover of In Conspiracy With Satan. The last track is Woman of Dark Desires, it to is also originally a track done by Bathory. Marduk's version of this track is less sloppy and more refined than the original by Bathory, i know that some will read this and tell me i am wrong, but i have done "tests", listened to both tracks on the computer, the one by Bathory, and the one by Marduk, and in the end, like i had just said, Marduk plays less sloppy and more refined. If interested in listening to Marduk i suggest this album but since it being rare and hard to attain, you will need either patience or Soulseek. All other Marduk albums completely fail to overshadow this demo's style.