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Mission Accomplished! - 93%

MaDTransilvanian, September 22nd, 2007

It’s a rather well-known fact that Morgan Håkansson created Marduk as a means to create the most blasphemous music ever. I can safely say that with his first demo and later EP Fuck Me Jesus, he succeeded. Fuck Me Jesus probably has one of the most anti-Christian covers in the history of black metal (and as you can imagine, that’s up against some pretty stiff competition), not to mention the title itself. Now let’s get to the musical content of this evil little EP.

The intro is also the title track and, clocking at 38 seconds, it contains a sample from the first Exorcist movie. You know, that family-friendly scene where the girl possessed by the demon yells “Let Jesus Fuck You” and “Lick Me” several times along with some evil yells. Suitable intro for this kind of thing really.

The main part of this EP is made up of the three “real” tracks, Departure From the Mortals, The Black and Within the Abyss. These are the first songs ever written by Marduk and are all featured on their first full-length album, Dark Endless. All three are great songs, very well-played. Andreas Axxelsson’s vocals are excellent on this debut, as is Morgan’s guitar playing and the drums heard here are very similar to what we’ll get on later Marduk albums (the first few ones at least), although obviously with much worse production.

In fact that’s the only difference between the tracks here and their counterparts on Dark Endless: the production. It’s a lot worse here (what a surprise) and makes them sound even more grim here than on the album.

The rest of the EP contains the outro, Shut Up And Suffer, a keyboard version of the track “Opus Nocturne” and very beautiful minute of music actually. It’s really very good.
And if, like me, you have the re-release with the bonus tracks you’ll get the title track from the Dark Endless album as well as two Bathory covers: In Conspiracy With Satan and Women Of Dark Desires. Dark Endless is a pretty good track again and so is the first Bathory cover. What really stands out here however is Women Of Dark Desires. Now I’m going to have to admit that I haven’t listened to any Bathory yet but if this track is anything to go by, I’m missing a hell of a lot. The main riff on this track is extremely catchy and the vocals are also excellent.

So is Fuck Me Jesus worth getting? You bet. While it doesn’t actually contain any exclusive tracks it’s still an important part of Marduk’s history and really shows them at their very beginning. Plus, who can resist a cover with a naked woman sticking a crucifix up her pussy. Timeless. Get this as it’s good, grim and most definitely evil as fuck. Let Jesus Fuck You!!