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Not their best EP by far. - 75%

MaDTransilvanian, November 5th, 2007

The Deathmarch 2004/2005 tour EP seems kind of rare when one looks at the theoretical availability of the thing but…I’ve seen it quite often on sale on the internet. Still while not really rare it’s a nice little EP to have.

First off we have an alternative version of the popular Steel Inferno off the Plague Angel album. To be honest it’s not my favorite song off Plague Angel and this alternative version is a little weaker than the album or live versions. It’s not a bad song but it’s not something overly exciting either. Next is Tod und Varnichtung, a mostly instrumental war march which is exclusive to Deathmarch. It’s pretty cool and inspiring considering it’s conception as a war march but the sampled German spoken repeatedly at the end of the track somewhat ruins it.

The last two tracks are rehearsals of two Plague Angel tracks. Both are great tracks, some of my favorites off Plague Angel but being rehearsals obviously makes them sound crappy production-wise. Again, I prefer the album versions.

This is a pretty cool release but to be honest it’s quite far from being essential in one’s collection. I’m still glad I have it as I love Marduk but it’s a rather bad representation or the modern Marduk sound. It’s more like a sample designed to show those who listen to it what Marduk sounds like while recording their music. Get it if you’re interested in the sound of new Marduk rehearsals or if you’re a Marduk collector like me.