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For The True Fan - 86%

Brutalicon, April 30th, 2009

This is a great find for the diehard Marduk fan. A few extra tracks from arguably one of the best black metal bands around never hurt anyone. My first impression of this tour EP was a good one even though I could not understand why the band chose to put an alternate version of “Steel Inferno” on this. I like the original track a lot, and the alternate version is good, but not that much different from the original. The 2nd track, “Tod und Vernichtung”, is a fitting track to grace a Marduk album or EP. It sets the perfect apocalyptic mood with the rusty tank treads at the beginning and the heavy slow guitars with the war drums bellowing over the top of everything pulverizing your eardrums. I recommend turning this track turned up to 11 if you have a good stereo to really get the maximum carnage possible.

Now, the 2nd part of this EP is only for true diehards. It is two rehearsal tracks, which for those who do not know means demo quality at best. The songs are “The Hangman of Prague” and “Throne of Rats”. These tracks will definitely take the listener to the definition of raw when it comes to sound, but I like the different sound. It still shows the brutality of the band and appeals to the listener who likes their black metal a little more primitive in sound. The vocals on the two rehearsals are especially vicious and really bring these to life for me.

In short, killer EP and should be sought out be any Marduk fan, but if you have not heard “Plague Angel” then that should be the first step before checking this out. Even better, the band just released the “Plague Angel” box set with the album, EP and live DVD together so you can experience them together which is how it should be.