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Blasphemous DVD - 92%

_orc_, April 27th, 2007

The first Marduk DVD that I've ever seen was "Blackcrowned", a collection of many live videos. The first impression was not that good, the DVD wasn't as good as I expected. Poorly produced and with no extras. But now, "Blood Puke Salvation" is the opposite of "Blackcrowned". Tons of live footage, recorded with high quality, interviews, videoclips, photo galleries, 'behind the scenes' footage... in summary: the perfect document for the die hard Marduk fan.

The disc one shows us three options: the gig at Tilburg (Netherlands), the gig at Antwerpen (Belgium) and a great photo gallery. The show at Tilburg is perhaps the best part of the whole DVD. The classic Marduk song meet the new ones, with Marduk playing at their top of their brutality. The Morgan's guitar playing is as good as always (probably he's the best guitar player of the whole BM scene...), Devon's bass is great, better than B-War (something hard), Emil's drum playing is good, but not that good for black metal or Marduk. Mortuus vocals are fucking great. Yes, Legion was the Marduk 'trademark', but now with Mortuus Marduk seems to have renewed forces, with a renewed feeling. If songs like "Slay the Nazarene", "The Black" or "Panzer Division Marduk" were brutal and great with Legion on the vocals, now with Mortuus they seemed to be re-energized. But this lineup has some failures too. "Perish in Flames" is boring, maybe a wrong selection, there's better tracks on "Plague Angel"... although that album isn't that great. But in summary, is a great live show, from a great band, with good image and sound production.

The show at Antwerpen is like a summary of the Tilburg gig. But it has and 'black and white' effect on the image that's very interesting. Finally, the GREAT photo gallery has many (I said MANY) photos from the band live. Those photos of Mortuus with the chalice and the blood are kickassing.

The second disc has some random live footage, the videoclips from "Steel Inferno" and "Throne of Rats", an interview with Mortuus and Morgan, and finally a strange 'behind the scenes' video. The live videos are different tracks played in many european cities, like Germany (Wacken festival), Czech Republic, Spain, England, etc. The interviews are interesting, the topics are very good. Also, Morgan and Mortuus reveal some info about their next album. The 'behind the scenes' video is quite strange... a handicam shooting some pictures, and things like that.

If you like BM and/or Marduk, I reccomend you to buy this DVD, You'll not regret, I'm sure.