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I call this a fraud! - 30%

gabalgabow, April 15th, 2003

In about ten years time, MARDUK has became a major band of the Black metal scene, and one of the most consensual ones without denying anything from its brutality. So the band celebrates this success with the object that's the most appreciated by the fans: the boxed set. "Blackcrowned" is composed of two CDs that are fullfilled with unreleased tracks as well as a video composed of gigs' samples from their whole carreer.
But once this idyllic introduction is gone, remains the hard reality, understand "Blackcrowned" seriously lacks of interest when you take in consideration the astronomical price of the thing!
The whole begins with 6 rerecorded tracks, the best of it was ever on the monumental double live CD in better versions! So it's useless! Then follows a medley of some "Panzer division" tracks (very cool...), a shitty cover of the MISFISTS, and 5 demo tracks with an horrible sound. It's is also useless!
The second CD also begins in a bad way, with two avoidable leftovers from the Panzer Division sessions, and two covers of the ROLLING STONES and SAMHAIN that are shitted and has nothing to do here! Then comes the most promising: some live samples recorded at the Waldrock that was ever included on a bootleg CD. But the sound wasn't worked back and remains as rotten as the original bootleg. So, the only interesting point of this CD is 3 samples from a "Opus nocturne" era rehearsal, it's more savage than on the album. For 40$, I call this a fraud!