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To drown... and be completely forgettable. - 15%

DoomAbyss, May 23rd, 2012

After reviewing Monads, I felt I was on a roll and I wanted to check some other Belgian doom bands. Asking around, someone mentioned 'Marche Funebre' to me. The person who mentioned the band, hadn't heard MF himself, but he assured me that it was one of the new doom names in Belgium. Checking their page on Metal Archives, I saw they already had a full-length released, so I gave it a listen.

Nowadays, everything begins with an intro. I'm not saying this is a bad thing. Often introductions are actualy introductions, they warm you up for the cause, give you something to look forward to, or sometimes they are quite simply pleasant to listen too. What introductions shouldn't be, is "we needed an intro, so we quickly wrote something that is good enough for that." Unfortunately, the album called 'To Drown' starts with such an intro. Completely redundant and forgettable.

On towards the first real track of 'To Drown'. While the intro was instrumental, the first song immediately kicks off with a (clean) voice. I really hate to say this, but it ruins the song from the first second. The voice is hollow, out of tune and just... well, bad. Underneath the voice is a repetitive simple 'heavy' guitar riff, that goes on a bit too long to stay interesting. After this, the song knows some semi-interesting parts, but even the 'best' parts can't convince me to start feeling anything. This music fails to speak to me, while doom metal should be such a powerful tool when it comes to address emotions in the listener... And about the voice, luckily it doesn't stay clean all the time. The grunts (and screams) this guy produces are not that bad in fact, but still nothing special.

'The Well that Drowns Me' starts with a riff that could be called interesting, if it were surrounded by an interesting arrangement. Once again, this song proves there is a certain lack of skill in song writing in this band. Amongst some good ideas, there is just no sense of how to make a song interesting, so it seems...

From here on, I give up on trying to analyse every song on the album (and the Metal Archives rules discourage this, anyways). The band comes up with some faster parts in some songs, like 'Of Dreams and Vanity', which is more of a classic doom song in a way, with 'headbanging' parts varied by harmonic leads and slower riffs. Unfortunately, and I do know it's getting a bit boring to mention, but: the band fail to make anything interesting out of the song. Marche Funebre tries to do something epic with the final song, 'Lethe'. Sadly, there simply isn't enough dymanic or depth in this band to create something truly memorable. Some moments here and there are quite listenable for sure (more so in the final song, maybe because it's longer), but never unforgettable. On the contrary, most of this album is completey forgettable. It's how I'd describe the album and this band. There is no uniqueness in the style, no craftsmanship in the execution, no emotional impact in the music; there simply is nothing much to this. I hate to write this kind of review, and I'm not interested in bashing bands, but my advice to this guys would be to stop making music with their current line-up, or start doing something completely different. Doom metal is nothing for you.