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good and quite original sounding doom/death metal - 80%

robert_sun, March 2nd, 2006

This Chilean band Mar De Grises played original sounding doom/death metal on their first material - Demo 2002 - and now here's the debut album and my opinion is that they reached a higher musical level on this CD. Their music has evidently influences from the early 90’s doom/death metal scene, the slow rolling riffs and sullen atmospheres reminds me of the early period of Anathema and My Dying Bride, but at the same time their music also differs a lot from the above mentioned bands’ direction. They have lots of other elements besides the regular slow doom riffs, their repertoire also includes Pink Floyd-ish atmospheric passages, discordant riffs and harmonies and even influences from classical music or 70’s progressive rock bands. A few murky/freaky parts reminded me of In The Woods’ last two albums and the track Be welcome oh hideous comes with an Opeth/Voivod-like disharmonic riffage. Many bands are trying to put together themes of great variety these days, and while most of them are failing in doing that, I think Mar De Grises has done a good job in combining their influences. You can find here influences of funeral doom, doom/death, ambient, post-rock, prog-rock, classical music, electro etc, but still my final impression is that in Mar De Grises’ music these styles are doing well abreast and this a very good point for the band. In the future they should work a little bit on the melodic vocals, but anyway this is a really nice material for a debut album.