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An archetype; a monument - 90%

Torwilligous, August 30th, 2006

I've said it before, and it shall be enunciated again - metal is nothing without atmosphere. When done correctly, metal can summon the most incredible feelings of fantasy and escapism, and this is the one overweening criteria which I use to judge any album I hear. It is well then, that 'Warriors of the World' nails its glorious heavy metal niche straight through the fucking face.

This is the true spirit of metal incarnate; Manowar make no attempt to tone down their outrageous excesses, or conform to any kind of pattern. What other metal band would put three power ballads, two neo-classical compositions and one 'intro' track slap in the heart of an album, following it up with four straight head smashers?

This is a band fully in tune with their hearts of solid steel; the album is a grandiose, dramatic, pulverising, glorious, wildly OTT testament
to the spirit of the warrior. From the mighty ballad 'Swords in the Wind' through the - frankly - insanly overblown rendition of 'Nessun Dorma' to the total metallic destruction of 'Call to Arms' or 'Fight Until We Die', Manowar give ample evidence to support the claim that they are, indeed, the Kings of Metal. The excellent musicianship - particularly by the vocalist, Eric Adams - and thunderously heavy, not-too-clean production do not hurt at all either.

My head says that this is ridiculous, but my heart tells it to fuck off. This is everything that I love about the genre encapsulated within a single 47 minute block.