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Another admirable work by Manowar - 90%

New Musical Earth, November 10th, 2011

Manowar returns and does it like others times: amazingly. With "Call To Arms", ​​the opening song of the album, they prepare our ears for a new session of almost 50 minutes of pure emotion using epic letters and several symphonic songs, extolling the spirit of the group and encourages us the spirit. Let's say that the songs can be separated into two groups with one group containing songs about war and the other made ​​up of those most instrumental and soft. As we hear the album we can see a continuous exchange of both groups from the beginning, because when "Call To Arms" ends, "The Fight for Freedom" begins with slow melody and emotion and with lyrics deep and precious (honestly, it´s one of the best songs on Warriors of The World). But we can also hear songs that include the best of each group as is the case of "Nessun Dorma". Here, Eric Adams (lead singer) makes a heavy version of this known opera and in the end, the rest of the group incorporates and add metal´s energy to the composition (all do excellently). Surprisingly, we also enjoy an instrumental song that is different from the rest of the album because it´s a classical music composition and, only from the second half, it acquires an emphasis on epic that links it to the global nature of the disc.

Personally, I prefer Gods Of War, but I must admit that I love Warriors Of The World (the album chronologically prior to the Gods Of War) and I think that any lover of heavy metal should listen to this at least once in life.

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