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A Little Disappointing - 75%

NecroWraith, August 9th, 2007

The band's first album for six years following "Louder Then Hell," I had mixed expectations about this album. The first thing I noticed is the artwork. Kickass as usual... dare I say it.... Manowar's best? But I am here to review the music, so let me continue:

The album opens up with "Call To Arms" which is both heavy and catchy. A little different than you'd expect from the classic Manowar releases, but it's good. Halfway through the album we get the title track. "Warriors Of The World" is definitely the standout track here. Heavy, catchy as hell, with flawless instruments. The beginning of the song is really quite amazing, and there is no arguing the fact that the way the bass, guitar and drums work together is quite flawless.

A fact I feel is rather necessary to mention is that after the kickass opener, we are given 6 songs that are extremely.... slow? Half of them being ballads. I personally have nothing against ballads, but except for "Swords In The Wind" and "Fight For Freedom," they are all pretty much forgettable.

After the soft songs, we have, as mentioned, the title track, and following that are three heavy songs. I personally don't like the track order on this album. Why is the first half slow and ballad-y, while the second half heavy and catchy? Manowar could have mixed the songs around a bit, but meh...

So to sum it up? The album does offer some amazing Manowar material, and Eric Adams' voice shines on this record. If both halfs were equally amazing, I'd give this album a 90+ without a doubt. But the truth is, the fillers REALLY bring it down.... Sorry Manowar.

-Marcin C.