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Some exceptional songs, others not worthy - 81%

Demon_of_the_Fall, October 2nd, 2003

Alright lets get this straight....I consider myself quite a big Manowar fan, and I did have high expectations due to Louder Than Hell being one of the best heavy metal cds of all time. Warriors of the World (released 6 years after LTH) came into my cd player and shocked the piss out of me. I absolutally loved Call to Arms, but then to much dismay i was even more shocked to find "filler" on a Manowar album. I understand how some bands like to experiment with other types of music and all, because I am a musician myself, but this SHOULD NOT, be on a Manowar cd. These tracks i speak of are :Nessun Dorma, The American Trilogy, Valhalla, and Fight for Freedom (which is pretty good but nothing special). The thing about all of these aformentioned tracks is that they sound NOTHING like Manowars traits we've come to know and love. I mean Nessun Dorma is a nice song and all with great singing, but this is something you would hear at an Opera Hall, not on a MANOWAR album. But either way Warriors of the World has plenty of fucking excellent songs that are easily worth the money one would pay to obtain such an album as this. Tracks like Call to Arms, Swords in the Wind, Warriors of the World United, Hand of Doom, and House of Death and are killer songs that are Manowar classics right from the start.
Half of this album should not be on here i truely believe, but I do admire what they have done. We Manowar fans are pleased with this release but just skip the filler material next time. I like even the filler stuff but its definatly not their style, and not what most want to hear. They want to hear a new Manowar album and that is all...Steel, Kill all Posers, blah blah blah, these are the things we admire you for writing and singing. No one else does it quite like Manowar. Eric Adams your an amazing vocalist, hell the whole band is impressive. So is most of this album, besides the tracks i will not mention below. Yet again Manowar releases some quality fucking music...Raise your swords men.
Cheers *chugs an ale*

Best tracks: Call to Arms, Swords In The Wind, Warriors Of The World United, Hand Of Doom, House Of Death