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Into The House Of Death! - 75%

Crimsonblood, October 25th, 2002

In my opinion, Manowar have been kings of filler, as opposed to kings of Metal for a while. They always seem to manage to ruin otherwise respectable offerings with out of place tracks, most of which turn into nothing more than filler. Unfortunately, Warriors Of The World falls into the same problem, but thankfully, the songs that are good, are really good; is this not always the case with Manowar though, at least with their last couple of full-lengths?

This CD can be completely broken down into sections, since they lump the same type of song together one after another, something I’ll touch on later. “Call To Arms” and “Fight For Freedom” are both mid-paced, anthem-based songs, with driving guitars, simple drumming, and catchy vocals. "Fight For Freedom" does have a more uplifting and almost Power Ballad type feel at times, but overall these songs are quite similar. Both tracks are very good in my opinion, but it took me awhile to get into them. The drumming is not much more than bass, snare, bass, snare, cymbal crash, repeat, for almost the entire “Call To Arms” song. It is still a good song because the guitars, back up choirs, vocals, and lyrics are excellent. “Fight For Freedom” falls into the same boat, but the drums have more of a marching feel. The next section of Warriors Of The World contains three ballads, plus one short instrumental. The first, “Nessun Dorma”, shows off some amazing vocals from Eric Adams, but aside from that I don’t see this song appealing very much to Metal fans. Not only does it sound out of place, but also this doesn’t even fall into Power Metal ballad territory. This wouldn’t be such as a bad thing, that is until you listen to the next 2 full songs. “Swords In The Wind” is by far the best of the bunch; the song is a typical Metal ballad, which picks up with some slow-paced guitar playing at the end. The song is about Vikings and Nordic culture, which I’m a huge fan of, so I enjoyed this one. “An American Trilogy” is the next ballad, and this is a horrible song. Sorry, but I found almost zero redeeming qualities about this track, it is out of place, unnecessary, and overly boring after listening to the two ballads before it. Why put all the ballads in a row? I was about ready to give this release a 30 at this point, but things pick back up with “Warriors Of The World United”, which follows the same song writing principles as “Call For Arms”, but Manowar somehow, despite repeating themselves, put together a very enjoyable and quality song. I was still a little dismayed at that point, praying that there would be no more ballads and perhaps one, at least semi-fast track. Well, the Norse gods must have been listening because up next is 3 killer, fast, and powerful tracks. “House Of Death”, “Hand Of Doom”, and “Fight Until We Die” are full of double bass, fast, almost choppy riffing, and aggressive vocals. These songs give us plenty of variation with some breaks and diverse vocals as well. The lyrics and choruses are once again excellent with the energy factor being very high!

Warriors Of The World wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be based on the middle section, but what is with the track order? Yeah, you could just hit random, but I like to listen to CDs in their proper order. If they placed some fast tracks at the front and spread out the ballads this would be a lot more enjoyable. probably would have bumped the score up to 85. As mentioned, the drumming on the mid-paced songs is pretty bland, these songs would be even better with a spruced up drumming performance… oh well, at least we get to hear some more varied performances on the last three songs. I would say most Manowar fans should like this, and fans of Heavy/Power Metal would probably like this too despite the mid-section. This is all assuming themes concerning the glory and victory of Metal and all associated topics about battle and swords, with a touch of Nordic themes, don’t turn you off. Of note is that I’ve seen a lot of used copies of this CD floating around (which is understandable, this won’t be for everyone, that’s for sure), so keep your eyes pealed and you might get a good deal.

Song Highlights: Call To Arms, Warriors Of The World United, House Of Death, Hand Of Doom, Fight Until We Die.