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Underrated - 84%

Sinner, February 9th, 2003

"Triumph Of Steel" is - as far as i'm concerned - very much underrated by a lot of people - it sure as hell isn't as good anymore as any of their first releases (and has one huge mistake) but overall the band does what it does well - more of the same - and especially Eric Adams carries this record from beginning to end - with some superb vocal performances.

Let me start from the beginning with their "main" mistake - the overly long (27 minutes !) "Achilles, Agony & Ecstacy in 8 parts" - honestly - this could have been 4 parts shorter and noone would have even cared - there are some absolutely gutwrenching and boring moments on that song alone - like the overly long and rather unspectacular bass & drum solo's - which lead nowhere at all - on the other hand though - there ARE some excellent, speedmetal bits on there which are absolutely awesome - just next time you guys do something like this - shorten it by 20 minutes...that would suffice more than enough...

The rest of the tracks - I must say - are not bad at all - featuring one of my personal favourite Manowar tracks of all time - the excellent "Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee" - a superb basher. In fact the only "weaker" song is "Metal Warriors" - which is one of their now standard "metal anthems" - nothing special, although not bad at all either. The rest of the songs are well up to standard - with "Master Of The Wind" being the first "real" Manowar ballad - and succeeding very much at it - "Power Of Thy Sword" & "Demon's Whip" being two excellent longer songs, "Burning" a nice mid-tempo doomy song and finally "Ride The Dragon" an excellent speedmetal track.

All in all it might not be the perfect Manowar album - but the production, Adam's vocal's and a number of great songs certainly keep it up to a decent level - now if only they would have shortened that "epic" track in the beginning - things would have been a lot better.