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I... HAVE... THE POWER!!!!!! - 98%

The_Ghoul, October 24th, 2006

Just when you thought Manowar couldn't get any more epic, any more broad, or any more heroic, they pull this EP out of their ass. It's worth it for the 3 new songs alone (an instrumental, and 2 new songs.) It's darker than Warriors of the World or Dawn of Battle, and more epic than King of Kings, which was included (in a live version) here. What can you expect here? Symphony, midpaced epic anthems. You can expect chanted chorii, and excessive viking themed lyrics.

However, as one astute reviewer said, Manowar is Manowar is Manowar. You will only be surprised by the absolute epicness and wagnerian magnitude of this EP. It's surprisingly un-cheesy, but the thing is Manowar have combined the great production values of their newer material with the songwriting of Hail to England and Into Glory Ride, with the darker edge of their newer material.

If this was longer, this would be my favorite Manowar release. The quality of the material, however, is top notch. A must get.