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A Nice EP - 89%

GuntherTheUndying, December 4th, 2006

Manowar. The name of the group itself can spark a thousand words, yet Manowar is such a legendary band in several ways. Everything from the band's heavy riffing, to the soaring vocals, and to the bloody Viking imagery; Manowar is a hell of a band. There has been a good four year since the world last heard from this dynamic powerhouse, but Manowar fans can once again rejoice. Manowar's newest release, "The Sons Of Odin," is an epic EP that displays the utter dominance of this classic band.

The two live tracks make this EP shine. "The Ascension" and "King of Kings" are the featured live tracks on this EP, and they sound fantastic. The production manages to capture the electricity of Manowar's live performance while maintaining a crystal clear sound. The title track off the EP is a classic Manowar song that hardcore fans will gobble up. The traditional metal riffing is right up the alley of classic Manowar songs, yet "Sons Of Odin" is clearly part of an evolved Manowar. There are a lot of symphonic and operatic effects scattered throughout the song and it seems darker than older Manowar material.

This is a really nice EP. "The Sons Of Odin" lacks any kind of filler and is an exciting preview of Manowar's new record. If you like Manowar, this is a must have.

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