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The dawn of excellence - 90%

Black_Star, July 3rd, 2005

The year was 2002, the love it or hate it "Warriors of the World" album had just been released. When the kings of metal announced "The Dawn of Battle" single, there were many skeptics. The line was drawn between the lovers and the haters of "Warriors of the World". With this in mind, this new single would have a great impact on Manowar's fan base.

The major problem with "Warriors of the World" was the fact that it contained two awful tracks compared to Manowar's standards. "An American Trilogy" and "Nessun Dorma" were filler on a brilliant album. This said, the two new songs present on the "The Dawn of Battle" single had to be very ass kicking to redeem "Warriors of the World". But this review is not about that album so let's focus on the task at hand.

The first track off this single is a new one called "The Dawn of Battle". This tune starts off superbly with a heavy riff and drum beat. Once Eric Adams enters the picture, the song can only get better...and it does. "The Dawn of Battle" is an instant classic and fan favourite. The chorus is simple but beautiful. The line "My sword will drink blood" is sure to make every wimp and poser run for the nearest exits. This is what the song is all about and the atmosphere that it creates. The drumming on this song is masterful. Scott Columbus really owns the drum kit and uses the double kick perfectly. The song slows down a little before the four minute mark, which gives Eric Adams a chance to showcase his Godly voice. He utilises this opportunity to his advantage. When the song picks up again at the five minute mark, Manowar delivers a swift ass kicking upon the listener.

Up next is the new song, "I Believe". Like "The Dawn of Battle" this tune is a winner. "I Believe" starts off with a classic epic Manowar intro. The organ kicks into pure heavy metal. Eric Adams starts off with very dark vocals but then enters the extremely catchy chorus. This song is definitely going to become a fan favourite at live performances. Karl Logan provides a killer solo increasing the lovability of this track.

Next on deck is "Call to Arms". This masterpiece can be found on "Warriors of the World". This song is one Manowar's best ever and ranks very high up with other anthems like "Kill with Power" and "Hail and Kill". A brilliant song.
In conclusion, this single is a must for all the casual fans and the legions of followers that the modern day warriors have gained over the years. This single is essential because it replaces the void that was left by "Warriors of the World" for the haters but also adds to the awesomeness of the experience for all the lovers of the album. Scott Columbus and Eric Adams provide outstanding performances but we can't forget the amazing talent that Karl Logan and the master, Joey DeMaio display. "The Dawn of Battle" is highly recommended for its glorious title track but also for the other incredible songs.

The songs that may had turned WOTW into a classic - 80%

Mnwr, February 28th, 2005

After blindly buying their last album "Warriors of the World" I was kind of disappointed with the band, and when they announced a new single with two new tracks I couldn't help but download it first in order not to buy another cheesy disc from my fave band.

Right after downloading it I was already wearing my leather jacket and leaving home with 10€ in my wallet that wouldn't come back with me.

THE SINGLE ACTUALLY KICKED MY ASS!!! Yes, it did it even through two crappy computer speakers. The opening theme "THE DAWN OF BATTLE" starts ripping with a long riff and some drums that are telling you "HELLO SIR! WE ARE MANOWAR AND WE CAME TO BLOW YOUR HEAD". And they do it all along the song, except for a small cool-down part in the middle which I don't like at all, but it's not enough to lower the score i give to this song.

"They are back, they are back.... " I was sort of mentally saying to myself when the second track arrived. "I BELIEVE" doesn't start with the savage drum pounding and killer riff as the first track does, instead it's a well done power ballad with strong lyric base and a catchy chorus. Cool enough and no violin/orchestra/crap in the whole song, that's what MANOWAR must play when it comes to slow songs!

Finally I met up with an old friend of mine, the opener track of WOTW (and IMHO one of the best themes) is closing the CD now. And it works as well as it worked as an opener track, pure mid-tempo Heavy Metal with a good facture is always welcome.

Overall: A ripping-off opener, a classy power ballad and a mid tempo epic theme were worth my money, specially considering that I won't find them elsewhere in the whole discography.

Great stuff - 85%

Bohemian_moomin, December 4th, 2004

A great choice of single, and a great choice of B-sides. Ok, what have we got?

The Dawn Of Battle - Fucking great song, heavy fast paced start, a great interlude with some truly excellent vox from Adams "I will live agaaaaaaaain" before the song gradually ends in the same way it began. Solid work.

I Believe - A great ballad, ok so its no Heart Of Steel, but with an anthemic chorus and rousing lyrics and a sweet solo, that is perhaps just a little short but still quality.

Call To Arms - The opener from WOTW, another strong, fast paced heavy one, perhaps a little similar to The Dawn Of Battle but a great song nonetheless.

Great title track - 78%

UltraBoris, March 9th, 2003

Okay, so how the title track did not make it onto Warriors of the World is totally beyond me... this is a quality song - well, except for the really cheesy middle part which Manowar seems to force itself to do with just about every fast song nowadays.

Then, I Believe is a generally decent ballad - far above average for Manowar standards, but nonetheless merely average.

The final track is Call to Arms, which is on Warriors of the World as well. And this song kicks monstrous asses of numerous species - probably the greatest Manowar song ever done!

Is this worth getting? It's a single ... I'd just download Dawn of Battle and be happy at that, as Call to Arms is available elsewhere and I Believe is kinda expendable. Nonetheless, 2 great songs and one average one is a good thing.