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Sentimental Value - 95%

corviderrant, April 7th, 2004

This was the first Manowar album I ever bought (on vinyl, I still have it, on 10 Records, a subsidiary of Virgin at the time), after hearing "Thor, The Powerhead" on my fave college radio metal show. And this still holds a powerful amount of sentimental value for me. The production is clear and powerful, and all parties put on their customary excellent performances--I think that "Thunderpick" is one of Joey's best recorded solos and I love how smoothly it segues into "Guyana, Cult of the Damned" without a hitch.

"Thor, The Powerhead" is one of the all time best Manowar tunes for me, with its dramatic verses, anthemic chorus, and that devastating, noisy ending with Eric holding that incredible high scream for over a minute (!!!), and I like how the emotional "Mountains" is dedicated to Joey's late father, in a rare show of sensitivity for him. The rest of the album is outstanding as well, especially "Guyana, Cult of the Damned" about the Jim Jones religious cult and Eric's chililng screams of "MOTHER! MOTHER!! MOTHERRRRRR!!!!!" at the end will make your hair stand on end. A thundering anthem that is one of their best, in my book along with "Thor...", this one is.

If you are getting into Manowar, you need this album. Along with "Hail to England", "Kings of Metal", and "Triumph of Steel", it is one of their very best opuses.