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A definitive metal anthem - 70%

firebee1, December 13th, 2007

Metal Warriors is a fantastic song and that alone is what gives this single most its score. It's incredibly catchy, fun, and is probably the most anthemic song Manowar will ever write. "Heavy metal or no metal at all / Wimps and poseurs - leave the hall!" It's a metalhead code that was lived by for well over a decade and this song beautifully glorifies that strong, noble culture, however close minded that culture may be today.

Its extra tracks are a different story. The second track, Herz Aus Stahl, is one of Manowar's large number of awkward piano ballads. While it does make sense for a band like Manowar to make as many of these as they do, none of them are of any decent listening quality. They all rely purely on Eric Adams' vocal ability, which isn't that interesting. The difference with this one is its in German, making its lyrics indecipherable to most thus making it even more uninteresting that all their other piano driven ballads.

The single finishes with a decent live version of an average song, Fighting the World. It's a good live track if you enjoyed that song, I suppose.