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As good as always - 80%

_orc_, April 6th, 2007

After hearing this one, it's very clear that Manowar doesn't want to change anything of their classic and 'true' sound. They will keep playing loud and epic heavy metal, till the day of their death. And it's great to know that. Manowar is stuck in the sound of the "Kings of Metal" album, with heavy anthems against false metal and epic power ballads, which always remember to that beautiful song, "Heart of Steel". Yes, here's nothing new, the same old Manowar, but the band is so great that it doesn't matter, although Manowar is releasing albums just like an excuse to play new songs live... they still are the same kickass band.

When I say that there's nothing new here, it's applied to the whole album, including the musicianship. DeMaio and Columbus, still fucking great. Karl Logan, the new guitar player, does it great, he's OK for Manowar. And if a guitar player is OK for Manowar, he's outstanding. Adams' voice, great. A perfect voice for heavy metal, a voice that stayed through the years as one of the classic voices of heavy metal music.

The songs are classic Manowar, again, nothing new, but still in a high level. "Return of the Warlord" is the first one, that makes reference to the first song of the "Into Glory Ride" album. This one is the classic metal anthem, about riding motorcycles and wearing leather. The rhythm is catchy, with nice guitar, bass and drum playing. "Brothers of Metal" is another of those metal anthems that Manowar often plays. It goes on mid-tempo, and it's good, but just that. "The Gods Made Heavy Metal" goes with the same formula, but this time faster and better. Great song, very catchy. Then we have "Courage", a beautiful power ballad, with a nice piano playing. We could call it a 'Manowar ballad', epic and heavy, with slow rhythm. "Number One" is another classic Manowar's heavy metal song, with their characteristic style, about winning competitions. "Outlaw" is a fucking great power metal piece, at full speed, with nice riffs and drum playing. With "Outlaw" starts the best part of the album. "King" is another great song, it starts slow with great piano playing, then with a faster and metal rhythm.

Manowar always puts a solo on their albums. "Today is a Good Day to Die" and "My Spirit Lives On" are the solos here. "Today..." is very long, slow and epic, with orchestration and stuff like that, and "My Spirit..." is fast and raw. Both of those solos are great shows of Logan's skill with the electric guitar. Finally, "The Power" is another fast power metal piece, like "Outlaw". A good song to finish the record.

If you want 'true' heavy/power metal, try to get Manowar albums. This would be nice to start, but "Hail to England" or "Kings of Metal" would be better for starting.