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Louder Than Hell - 85%

CrystalMountain, February 5th, 2006

Louder than Hell is the album that should have followed Kings of Metal. Just plain old ass kicking heavy metal, not nearly as much filler and crap like what was found on The Triumph of Steel. Sure there are a few boring songs on here, this is Manowar after all. But all in all this is easily one of their best albums.

Like others have stated, the first 3 songs are all stellar. Return of the Warlords is my favorite, and possibly my favorite Manowar song ever. So simple, so cheesey, yet so awesome. That chorus is godly, probably the catchiest thing I've ever heard. "We do just what we feel, riding horses made of steel, we're here...To burn up the NIGHT!" Brothers of Metal is next, and is more of the same. Simple, catchy, fist pumping metal. "Brothers of metal! We are fighting with power and steel, fighting for metal, metal that's real!" The Gods Made Heavy Metal is, suprise suprise, more of the same. Great song, really really nice riff and a blazing solo.

Now we move on to Courage, and the album takes a big dive here. Going from 3 awesome heavy metal anthems to a ridiculously cheesey ballad. Adams sounds great, but this song is just boring, sorry. Luckily they pick things back up with Number One, it's a great song though it lacks the hook that the first 3 songs have. Outlaw is pure speed metal, catchy chorus and nice riffing. The only fault I have is Adams' screams sound weak in comparison to how he sounded on the previous albums. King starts off sounding just like Courage, but then turns into one of the better songs on the album. If they had knocked off that intro this song would fucking slay(it still does I guess, but I hate having to skip over that intro.)

Today is a Good Day to Die, well if you know Manowar you knew a song like this was coming. Can't blame them for trying. My Spirit Lives On is a 2 minute guitar solo, and it's pretty damn impressive. Power ends the album on a high note. It definetly has a Painkiller vibe to it, big time. Great song, one of the best on the album for sure.