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Superb album and personal favourite - 96%

morbert, September 4th, 2007

I know may people consider ‘Hail To England’ and ‘Into glory Ride’ to be the best Manowar albums. I myself have always preferred this one, ‘Kings Of Metal’. I have several reasons for this. First of all the album is very diverse and combines most of the Manowar styles in just the right amount. We have up tempo speed metal, catchy mid tempo pounders, epic ballads and even sleazy metal in true ‘Fighting The World’ fashion but without overdoing it. Most other Manowar album emphasise too much on one or two specific styles and therefore become more monotone than ‘Kings Of Metal’. Secondly the quality of the individual songs is very high.

Opener ‘Wheels Of Fire’ is speedy Manowar at its best. This song has balls and is extremely catchy. The intro is predictable but does the trick and is nicely swallowed by the song. The title track is a decent kind of sleazy sing-a-long song but the best song in this style has got to be ‘Kingdom Come’ which is more epic and dynamic.

‘Heart of Steel’ is a very good heroic ballad with an excellent chorus but ‘The Crown and The Rings’ is even better! What a classic this one is. No wonder a lot of bands (try to) cover this song is various styles. On these two songs you can really hear how good Eric Adams actually is. One of the best voices in eighties metal. ‘Hail and Kill’ is a very dynamic epic sing-a-long which again is very catchy yet powerful. ‘Blood Of The Kings’ however is a top class epic metal anthem and the song that actually got me into Manowar.

Only two songs never caught my attention, being the bass solo ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’ and the tale ‘The Warriors Prayer’. The band musically sounds very strong on this album and the production is close to flawless for 1988 standards. It proved to be the last album with Ross The Boss on guitar and I have missed him forever since.