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Manowar Is Manowar Is Manowar - 88%

gabber, January 4th, 2006

A rarity these days.. a new Manowar track, as part of the package with their latest DVD, Hell on Earth 4.

Manowar have released 4 studio albums since Kings Of Metal, that amounts to 19 years and four albums. So any new song is a big deal.

The first track, the Ascension, is more of an intro, lots of keyboards, chords, spoken bits.. not a bad track but you wonder why... its again not strictly a metal track as no guitar or drum is to be seen. But half of Manowar's tracks in these past 19 years have been like this. Im sure they have made less than 30 metal tracks in this time.

King Of Kings is definitely metal. Another powerful Manowar track here.. very fast and Eric is in fine form. There is some reprieve in the middle with a slower bit like the one in Battle Hymns, but then it rattles your bones again and takes off. This is typical Manowar, I really cant describe it any other way. Fast but not as fast as Wheels Of Fire. Catchy chorus, as always from these guys.

They write fantastic music. Its just such a pity that they, particularly Joey, must act like such wankers with their 'war on everything thats not metal/posers'. They themselves are posers. However, take away anything visual, and Manowar are great lyrics and you have potentially the finest songwriters in metal. They are talented and I am hugely looking forward to their new album, hopefully sometime before 2010.