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Musically... great... - 95%

The_Ghoul, July 14th, 2006

But seriously, I have always had the nagging feeling Manowar are giving into commercialism. For one, although I have had nothing but love for their new work, it makes me think... why didn't release Sons of Odin, King of Kings, and The Dawn of Battle singles with Warriors of the World? To keep up with the theme, I would've loved it if they took out the patriotic mumbo jumbo from WotW and put these songs in. Seriously. This single would've made a kickass opener for WotW.

It functions as 1 song, in that The Ascension is more of an intro. It tells the tale, of, well, a man's ascension to the throne of King of Kings, and his newfound power from the gods, and how he used that power. The song, in itself, is one of my favorite Manowar songs. It's really great. As a single, this thing owns. The keyboards are used QUITE well, and Manowar have FINALLY found a good production after Kings of Metal. Their pre-Kings of Metal was a bit messy, and their 1990's albums were too clean. Here, as with Warriors of the World, they hit the jackpot.

Again, I don't know why they didn't just put these songs in Warriors of the World, even IF they had to delay the release for ANOTHER 2 or so years. At least they wouldn't have had to put shit in that album like An American Trilogy and Fight For Freedom.

However, back to the single. It's great. I cannot find a single fault with it, aside from its short length. It's just great. Get it, some way. Download it, Itune it, or get Hell on Earth IV. Just get it. It's really great. Lots of keyboards, nice mid-fast speed, great lyrics about being the King of Kings.