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Would be great - 70%

Mungo, December 6th, 2006

This single suffers from the same thing as their newer albums, namely stupid, keyboard driven interludes that are supposed to sound 'epic' but instead are completely stupid. Here, the title track suffers for it, with the crappy interlude seen in 'King of Kings'.

The first track, 'The Ascension', is some keyboard driven bullshit with some story about the King of Kings. I realise it's an intro, but it goes on for far too long, and it could've finished before the talking bit (about 40 seconds in). The next track however, is simply awesome, with a fast riff driving it forward, and while the chorus is cheesy it is still good. Around 1:30 you're happily headbanging when it suddenly goes quiet into one of those stupid fucking interludes, which ruins all of the momentum which had been previously built up. After about a minute though, it explodes back into a blazing solo which almost makes up for it, and the track finishes with the chorus. Man, if they had taken out the interlude and replaced it with more soloing, it would be sheer ownage.

So what we have here is an overlong intro and a great song that is partially ruined because of an interlude which takes up a quarter of the song. Fortunately the good aspects of 'King of Kings' make up for it, but I'd rather not have to fast forward through boring interludes.