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Manowar Rides Into Glory - 87%

elfo19, February 6th, 2008

I recently came across Manowar and realized that they were something I was into. I had always confused them with Mastadon, a band belonging to a genre I am not too big on, but anyway, I got this album. If you're looking for fast, screaming, raging, thrash, this is not what you're looking for. However, I like Manowar, instead of being like that they choose to have their songs sound like a fusion of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. I like it and find it an interesting mix.

So, to get on with the actual songs. Most of the songs I really like, but there are some I don't like a lot. These would be 'Warlord' and 'Hatred', 'Warlord' starts out with some...interesting...sound effects and the song doesn't sound like the rest of the album, it's more happy, rocker like. Then there's 'Hatred', that just sounds kind of awkward.

And I really like all the other songs. Especially 'Gates Of Vahalla' and 'Revelation (Death's Angel)'. There's some really nice riffs thrown throughout, a lot of eccentric drumming, and consistent vocals. But as I said before if you want some speeding fast guitar work and screeches of anger, then this isn't for you. These are the kinds of musicians I admire because they don't play fast and angry to pretend their good, what they do do is show they have raw energy and actual talent. The songs range from mid-tempo epics, to slow moving, building epics, with a couple shorter rockers too.

Although. I only own this Manowar album, I still will look into more of their stuff because this is a solid album. If you admire raw energy and plodding riffs more than blaring screaming fast riffing guitars then you will probably like this, a lot. Otherwise you may want to pick up some Metal Church, which is a similar band that was around about the same time, yet play the same kind of stuff a lot faster. Manowar-Into Glory Ride is a strong release for metalhead's who admire really good music.