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Superb follow-up to an excellent debut... - 88%

Sinner, February 8th, 2003

Manowar actually managed to top their debut album with their second release - "Into Glory Ride" - showing us a slightly different sound than on the first one.

Gone are most of the "simple" "rock & roll" tunes - who apparantly made way for a more epic - and occasionally very doomy - style of songwriting. Also most of the lyrics on here deal with the "sword & sorcery" themes which Manowar would explore and perfect in the rest of their carreer. The only two exceptions being "Warlord" (also being the weakest song on the album - dealing with...well...bikers and the biker-lifestyle) and "Gloves Of Metal" (another metal anthem - although not quite as strong as "Metal Daze" for example - but still holding up pretty well).

The main bulk of the songs - as said - is mid-tempo to slow and doomy and the band pulls this off very well (with a lot of thanx to Scott Columbus - who perhaps missed the speed of previous drummer Donnie Hamzick - but brought forth an awesome lot of power & innovation when it comes to his drumming). The main "classics" on here are the awesome "Gates Of Valhalla" (awesome !) & the long and epic "March For Revenge" - although it has to be said that the remaining three tracks aren't any weaker at all (especially the slow - driven anthem conan-esque "Secrets Of Steel" being a personal favourite).

Oh - and for those interested - for a change this album DOESN'T have a bass solo.

Anyhow - an excellent release - topping "Battle Hymns" - but only just - and an excellent preparation for "Hail To England".