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Manowar start to become epic. - 79%

Kanwvlf, July 25th, 2004

This album kicks off with a very interesting sound-clip, and then bursts into Warlord. A high-speed adrenaline rush of a song. Never giving in, constantly running along, accompanied by a solo of high-speed playing, and then fades away. It could've been better if they extended it a bit.

After this comes the first epic sounding song on this album, and slowly builds up, but never really grows anywhere and stays quite slow. The next song is a disappointment after the first two songs, as it just seems to wallow on the album, never really doing anything special. It's the only incosistent part of this album.

Gates Of Valhalla is the typical epic Manowar ballad song, progressing for an entire seven minutes, never ceasing to amaze the listener, with its constant riffing and occasional solo. Hatred is another epic Manowar song, but it has a very evil sound to it, as you could understand. There is sections in this song where the music stops and keyboards ring out, and you think a solo is about to punch out, but never does. A little disappointing.

Revalation is a song that gallops along on its own speed, being nothing amazing. The solo is rather good though, ranging from really fast, to uber-high notes wavering around. The last song is another slow starter, and sounds very similar to the previous song, which is a shame.

Overall, on this album Manowar have improved slightly, but they still haven't got anywhere musically compared to their previous album. The guitars are now more prominant than the first, it's just a shame they aren't put to great use.