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Second live album and an instant classic... - 95%

Sinner, February 9th, 2003

For some odd reason Manowar decided to release a second live album hot on the heels of their first "Hell On Wheels" one with virtually no "inbetween" time or a new album - total overkill you would say and in any other case this would be true, not so however for "Hell On Stage".

First of all - the setlist is compromised of a bunch of fan-classics and "forgotten" songs - with many a jewel such as the amazing "Bridge Of Death", "Dark Avenger" and "March For Revenge". Secondly - none of the songs on this album is featured on their previous live release - making this a nice additional release and thirdly - the sound on this live release is a LOT stronger than on the previous one.

Basically - I can say that this is one of my favourite live discs of all time - putting together an absolute handfull of classics with great sound. The only complaint is that instead of "the warriors prayer" or "sting of the bumblebee" - I would have rather had "Pleasure Slave", "Fast Taker" or "Secrets Of Steel" on there - but now that Manowar are on a roll with their live releases - there's not a lot of doubt that those songs will one day resurface on a live album / dvd as well.

Superb album - and a must have for anyone really...