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On the road with the kings of metal - 95%

Black_Star, May 23rd, 2005

This program contains drinking, fucking, partying, nudity, explicit lyrics, obscene language, and more sex than most people will ever dream of. This video is for true metal animal audiences only. Not recommended for losers, wimps, posers and all other assorted assholes.

This warning on the back of the DVD is absolutely true. All these elements are present in
"Hell on Earth". At some points, this video seems to be turning into a "Girls Gone Wild" film. Of course, there is always an endless supply of alcohol flowing around the band members. It doesn't matter if it's in Brazil, the United States, Belgium or Germany. Manowar is always having a good time.

This video chronicles the Hell on Wheels tour and captures everything. It documents the arrival of Karl Logan, the making of the orchestral version of "Courage" and the making of the "Return of the Warlord" video. Also found on "Hell on Earth" is a New Years eve celebration is Cleveland, a trip to a bull fight in Spain and a hilarious making of for a cheesy commercial.

Alright, now the music. "Hell on Earth" is more of a documentary or a rockumentary then its sequels but there are still great performances of classic Manowar songs. "Manowar" is the opening song on this video and it is played very well. The participation of the crowd is beautiful. There is also a strong performance of "Courage" live in Portugal. This is very good song and it is played well. We also have performances of "Kill with Power"and "Hail and Kill". These songs are classics and are played in Godly fashion.

In conclusion, this DVD is essential to all fans of the metal kings. This video, although more of a documentary still has great performances of classic songs like "Kings of Metal" (found in the bonus material section) and "Spirit Horse of the Cherokee". Not only are the songs brilliant but the journey to the fourteen countries included on this video is pure genius. The viewer gets to follow Manowar around the Gods of Metal festival in Milan as well as the first visit to South America. All and all this a superb video that is not recommended to wimps and posers.