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What more could you want? - 100%

Bohemian_moomin, March 14th, 2005

Manowar take hours of footage of their world tours, a whole concert which kicks ass, a collection of hilarious videos (gloves of metal is particularly side splitting) interviews with the band, backstage footage, interviews with their crew, numerous documentaries and "making of"s, shitloads of other bonus material, lump them together across two discs of steel, wrap it up in Ken Kellys trademark artwork and sell it.
Pure Genius.
If ever you asked yourself "Manowars songwriting is hilarious - how can they take themselves seriously?" this DVD answers your question. They don't. If I were to adhere to the current obsession with categorising everything, I would sell this DVD under "Comedy/Metal/Soft Porn", possibly with the slogan "Its got tits! Its got laughs! Its got thinly veiled homoeroticism and loud music!!!" here is a band who know how to have a laugh, and thank god. I personally find black/death metal bands who do take themselves seriously the most hilarious of all. To them I say: you're not big or clever, you're just growling and wearing make up. Kiss did that already. Manowar have fun, and they genuinely care about their fans, and they also happen to make damn good music.

Ringfest Highlights - Kings Of Metal - Stripped down, sped up, and imbued with enough asskicking power to make generic power metal acts cry for their mothers. Kings has obvious crowd participation potential and Manowar thoroughly exploit. The audience are really into the song and the whole atmosphere is great. Manowar Kill!!
Warriors Of The World - Again, faster than the record version, and it works a whole lot better for it, with Scott doing some variation of the drums occasionally; a breath of fresh air as the drumming on the record is mind numbingly tedious. Look out for the guy in the front row during the cheesy interlude "All who stand in my way, will die". Needless to say, an instant legend.
Black Wind, Fire and Steel - What happened here??? I wasn't impressed by the original version (Appearing as the closer on Fighting The World) but this kills! Even faster than the original, and with some fucking evil singing by Eric, the last verse in particular shows he can still kick ass. Even though the line "Every shore" in Manowar is ridiculously bad, sounds like "Avery Chaw!" and showcases Erics award winning Donald Duck impression. Whoops.
But apart from that, yes yes yes. Manowar are a band who have never matured, never changed their style, never turned down (\m/) and never delivered anything except kick ass, cheesy, occasionally epic power metal. Hail.