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A Black Arrow of death against false metal - 100%

_orc_, April 5th, 2007

There's always something to say about Manowar. From their humble beginnings, they always preach their will to kill poser metal and the wimps who listen to it. For DeMaio, this is even more serious than his own life, and sometimes it's so exaggerated, that generates self-parodies. Anyway, Manowar is like AC/DC or Motörhead: nobody thinks that they could ever change a little of their epic 'true' metal, but in the 90's they lost some of the power of the early albums, making some records just to mantain their crowd of fans.

Anyway, many people considers that "Hail to England" is the greatest Manowar album of all time. And it is... epic and 'true' metal is the formula here, with great and catchy choruses, and the instantly recognizable 'Manowar' element, the element that made Manowar unique: their musicianship. The vocals, the drums, the bass, the guitar, everything is Manowar's trademark, a formula thousands of times copied, sometimes good, but sometimes in a very bad way.

Eric Adams' vocals are the first 'Manowar' trademark. It's just impossible to imagine Manowar without Adams' shouting, as simple as that. DeMaio is the 'Boss' in Manowar, the one that keeps the band's spirit alive. He is a God of bass playing. "Black Arrows" is a prove of that. Ross The Boss' guitar playing is great. He is as good as the other Manowar guitar players after him, but the classic albums were recorded with Ross in guitars, so that is a huge point in favour to him. An we all know the force of Columbus' drums, he can play only with a 'metal' drumkit, because every normal drumkit cant stand Columbus' playing.

"Blood of my Enemies" starts the album. It is the classic Manowar anthem, epic and heavy, with a catchy chorus. "Each Dan I Die" follows the same patterns, but it works fucking great. "Kill With Power" speeds up the rhythm, with a great riff and a astonishing chorus... 'KILL WITH POWER... DIE DIE!!'... one of the highlights of the album. "Hail to England" and "Army of Immortals" are in the same style of the first two tracks, more epic and mighty choruses... more of the same, but in the best sense of the word.

Now, "Black Arrows" is the best solo I've ever heard in my entire life. An electric bass that sounds like a guitar, with tons of distortion... Joey DiMaio is a bass player. Everyone else, just wimps and posers. Just listen to this one, he didn't seems to be human. Finally, "Bridge of Death", another epic anthem of almost 9 minutes. It's the perfect summary of the true epic power of "Hail to England".

Is "Hail to England" the best album of Manowar? Yes. But there's some great albums as well, like any of the 80's era, even "Fighting the World". Mandatory for every metalhead.