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The first true Manowar Classic... - 94%

Sinner, February 8th, 2003

Yet again - even though the first two albums certainly were not bad - Manowar manages to top those two with the release of "Hail To England" - a real classic if there ever was one.

Although the sound in itself is slightly less "heavy" than on "Into Glory Ride" - the production certainly remains excellent and perfectly fits the collection of songs on offer here - some of which rank amongst the best the band ever did (and probably will ever do). Also very notable is the fact that this is probably Manowar's "darkest" album ever - if the mood on a song like "Hatred" was black - they managed to equal and top that with songs like "Bridge Of Death" or "Each Dawn I Die". Needless to say btw - that this probably is Eric Adam's finest hour as well - with some of the best vocal lines he ever spewed forth - brilliant.

The album starts off with the mid-tempo basher "Blood Of My Enemies" - an excellent anthem with one of my favourite Manowar chorus's ever - is followed by the slightly less spectacular (but still very good) "Each Dawn I Die", only to result into Manowar's fastest song to date "Kill With Power". "Hail To England" is an excellent anthem. Then we move on to "Army Of The Immortal's" - another typical Manowar anthem which is pulled off extremely well on here as well - and unto sadly the only couple of minutes that aren't really worht mentioning - the obligatory bass solo "Black Arrows". Luckily the album closes on an incredibly strong note with the mighty "Bridge Of Death" - Manowar's darkest and most "evil" song - and a firm fan's favourite.

If there is one Manowar album which belongs in every Metal collection out there - it certainly must be this one - a true classic release and one of Metal's finest hours as far as i'm concerned.