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The riffs finally appear! - 80%

Kanwvlf, July 25th, 2004

At last, a Manowar album where the riffs are clear-as-day! They definately stand out, despite being ever-so distorted. Also, this is the first album where the drums really sound well done on accompanying the guitar.

The vocals and lyrics are still as big and cheesy as ever, but by now it's what you should've come to expect. The bass stands out a lot more on this album, not being just a distorted metallic noise, like on the previous two albums.

The solos on here are excellent, and feature better playing than the first two albums, but the riffs on some songs are really quite disappointing. The stand-out track is the title track, as it is catchy as Hell. You could almost imagine barbarians marching on their way to English lands singing the chorus to this song, ready for war.

Black Arrows has a fucking strange introduction clip, with the strangest scream I've ever heard, and then a strange but amazing guitar solo. The entire song shows off the pure skill of his playing, but is slightly let down by being distorted still.

The last song is the typical Manowar epic finisher, and does its job just fine, but isn't really that impressive. Nice riffs and a great solo, though.

Manowar did a good job here, they finally got everything present, but it's a shame about some of the songs they played, otherwise it could've been so much better.