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Great album - 93%

Doom__Bubba, August 22nd, 2004

There is only one flaw in this album - it's too damn short! But the short period of musical greatness is one of metal finest hours! Every song here rules quite a lot, and the whole thing is an intense dark screaming piece of heavy metal.

It begins with five songs which just seem to go along extremely well together. It's impossible to say which of them is the best, but it would probably be the screaming fast Kill With Power or the dark atmospheric Each Dawn I Die. They all have a strong clear yet very deep sound, with a touch of darkness, and with Hail to England being the lightest track with an enjoyable fast pace and perhaps the best solo on the album. Blood of My Enemies is a great opener, dragging you slowly yet fiercely into the album before it decends into the heavier Each Dawn I Die. The fifth track, which closes the main sequence of five track, is a song dedicated to all of Manowar's fans and is even named after their fan club. It is a great rocking song with very powerful riffage and beat. After that comes a bass solo, with a cool intro speech, which features Joey's extraordinary bass-playing skills, but is a bit, well, blurred. It devides the album into it's two parts, the opening five tracks and the final epic masterpiece, which alone is enough to balance the album. It is one of Manowar's darkest, most epic songs, with great vocals and an exellent flow. It closes the album perfectly with Eric's evil laughter, making this one of the finest metal albums ever to be released.

If you don't have this yet, buy it, it is a classic masterpiece.
Highlights:all of the songs.